Inspired by world music, reggae, hip hop, and jazz/BAM, Ridhima uniquely blends some of her greatest musical influences for her first EP entitled World Rise. The compilation brings together renowned international musicians to create the most powerful and beautiful foundation for her message and music. It represents a respect for our cultural roots and the evolution, beauty, and power in the unity of diversity. A vision rooted with the intention of uniting international artists to represent a conscious global community that cares about the suffering in this world and believes in the power of music and the arts to heal, bring awareness, & make a difference. A compilation shared to comfort, encourage, and empower all. A reminder that you are not alone and that together we can make a change. A heartfelt contribution to the groundbreaking revolutionary movements standing up against the injustices of our time and a source of love and compassion through the suffering of our lives. A determined hope to help the World Rise.