Rhythm Love Revolution
(Yoga & Meditation)
(Creative Arts Healing)
(Community Arts Healing)

Rhythm Love Revolution is a vision to inspire and create a better world through creative & physical arts as well as cultural exchange. By bringing together conscious and cultural artists and healers from various mediums, these workshops encourage people to discover healthy and creative outlets for personal healing and self-understanding as well as find creative ways to reflect, express, and make a change in the world around them. Through bringing together international artists these workshops promote diversity and cultural appreciation and work towards creating and growing a foundation for inner and global peace. 



Ridhima went to the United Nations International School and has a BA in international relations from Boston University. In addition, she has a certificate in Creative Arts and Health from The New School, a certificate in Advanced Community Music Training of Trainers from Musicians without Borders, and her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Pranavah Yoga Studio. 

Being a healer is at the heart of Ridhima's intensions. As a singer she shares her music with hope that her energy and songs written from her personal experiences or heartfelt realizations can support, comfort, and empower people all over the world whenever they need and through whatever they face. 


In addition to music, she finds ways to heal through the suffering that is naturally part of life with art, photography, poetry, dance, theater, fashion, soccer, yoga, kung fu, and meditation. Knowing how much these outlets have meant to her through different points of her life and realizing how everyone has their own unique way to express and transform suffering, she aims to encourage and guide people to find their own healing outlets in order to fully be and shine their true selves.

Currently, Ridhima collaborates with Urban Art Beat, bringing hip hop to youth and Soul Sisters doing healing arts workshops with youth in the judicial system. In the past, she has worked with the Living Gallery doing art with women experiencing homelessness, worked on community mural projects with Artolution, Bailey's Cafe, and Make the Road, assisted with art classes for people with special needs at the Queens Museum, and taught english through music to former street children in India with Salaam Balaak Trust. Ridhima is always looking for ways to engage, inspire, heal, and empower all through guiding people to discover their outlets, honor their suffering, and shine their truth. In doing so she believes we can grow and create a more united, compassionate, and peaceful world.