Ridhima is a conscious artist

that aims to inspire what she calls a rhythm, love, revolution. A contribution to the conscious movements and creative revolutions that believe in the power of music and the arts to make a difference in the world. Her vision is one that aims to heal, enlighten, and shine love in order to unite and create a more compassionate and peaceful world. 

Born and raised in NYC with ancestors from India, her vision and life is like a banyan tree with roots that run deep and grow internationally. She sees the beauty in diversity as well as the importance of cultural preservation and aims to inspire respect and understanding for both as she uniquely blends it all together in her work. 

 For Ridhima, songs emerge

naturally from the depths of her soul as reflective expressions of spiritual and worldly realizations as well as forms of healing from global and personal suffering.

Inspired by wars, love, death, and the journey of self-discovery, Ridhima hopes to shine truth, compassion, 

strength, and understanding in order to help the world rise through

the power of music and the arts.